Module 3: Part 2 More Ways to Empower Your Mind

Welcome to Module 3 – Part 2

The objectives for this week are to:

  1. Spend less time worrying
  2. Learn to focus on safety cues and on what is in your control
  3. Overcome the mind habit of filtering out the positives
  4. Set positive anchors so you can be in charge of your emotions even when under pressure


  • Designate time to worry and whenever a worry enters your mind, push it off until that designated worry time
  • Keep a running list of your worries
  • Considering conducting a cost-benefit analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of worrying/avoiding vs. confronting your fears
  • Actively seek out safety cues whenever you’re anxious by playing Devil’s Advocate with your worried mind
  • Create a plan around things that are in your control
  • Focus on accepting the things outside of your control
  • Anchor in the positives using the kinesthetic anchoring exercise

This Week’s Tasks


  • Organizing your space
  • Reviewing your day and jotting down notes
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Eliminating energy drains

Your New Challenge:

  • When you catch yourself worrying, distinguish between what you can and cannot control and act accordingly.