Module 2: Part 2 More EQ Widom



Gratitude Template.pdf

In the 2nd half of Module 2, my objectives are to help you:

  • Align your thinking with how you want to feel
  • Turn your worries into problem-solving ideas so that you can start achieving your tasks
  • Manage your anxious thoughts rationally while preparing for the worst case scenario
  • Increase your tolerance for uncertainty and your ability to trust yourself when you have to take decisions

After watching the video, consider:

  1. What you tend to catastrophize about and how to apply what you learned to minimize rumination
  2. How to approach scary situations like a scientist
  3. How you might replace your existing coping strategies with more helpful ones

Your Weekly Challenge:

Practice gratitude each night as you reflect on your day (see the template attached).

Module 2 – Part 2 – Get In Control With Your Thoughts With Emotional Intelligence.pdf