Module 2: Part 1 Get in Control of Your Thoughts With Emotional Intelligence

Module 2 – Part 1

This week we start the process of learning about how components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can help you get in control of your thoughts. Specifically, we are looking at utilizing self-awareness and self-management to make this change.

We cover:

  • The 6 most common emotions
  • 5 steps to changing your negative emotions
  • How to identify your “Hot” thought
  • How to uncover the lies your brain tells you by asking powerful questions
  • Using various tools to assist you in straightening out your thoughts


This Week’s Challenges:

  • Continue organizing your sleep and work spaces daily
  • Each evening find a time and space to reflect on your day. If you have any negative residue, do some journaling or work through your thoughts by using the worksheets (e.g., thought log).


Thought Log-2.pdf

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Hot thought.pdf

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Module 2 – Part 1 – Get In Control Of Your Thoughts With Emotional Intelligence.pdf