Module 3: Part 1 Empower Your Mind


Welcome to Module 3: Empower Your Mind

This module will be divided into two parts.

The objectives for this week include:

  • Identifying energy drains to eliminate
  • Empowering your thinking by refocusing your mind from future possibilities of what could go wrong to what is going right
  • Learning mindfulness strategies to help you be more present and calm when you get done with your work day


  • Remember to identify what drains your energy so you can reverse engineer these to maximize your energy through minimizing contact with them or substituting a more energizing alternative
  • Pay attention to the language you use: Replace “I can’t” with “I prefer not to” and “I should” with “I want to”
  • Practice using mantras to align your mind with the results you want
  • Reroute your thoughts by asking: 1) What’s going right; 2) What’s the next best thing?
  • Visualize success and involve all your senses to heighten the experience
  • Focus on what you know
  • Don’t take things personally

Included in this week’s module is a guided mindfulness exercise.

This Week’s Tasks


  1. Organizing your space
  2. Reviewing your day and jotting down notes
  3. Practicing gratitude

Your New Challenge:

  • Pay attention to worried or negative thoughts (energy drain) and return mindfully to the present moment


Read about ways your brain reacts during uncertain times and how mindfulness can help.